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AI-Enabled Mobility Solutions for Passengers with Reduced Mobility

Discover the most liberating airport travel experience.


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks about PRM services

DAAV as an EPFL spin off is on the mission to enhance the quality of life for people with reduced mobility and provide inclusion to simply enable users to have equal chance for enjoying their lives on the go.

Waiting to Board Flight


We provide autonomous mobility solutions for PRM service providers across the globe.

Opportunity for PRM Service Providers

Inclusive Service

Less Workload on Staff

Efficient Service

Lower Operational Costs


Enhancing Accessibility

Our novel mobility device provides the highest level of maneuverability for its users, meaning that users can move in any direction desired without changing course. They can simply move forward, backward, sideways, turn at the spot, or any combination of these movements.


For a hands-free push-free PRM travel by a staff member or a co-passenger.

Simply move around and DAAV will follow you.


Manage one or more DAAV-air units from close by, or far away.

No push, just piloting.

Staff controls one unit and other units follow the lead.

An ideal solution for arrival and transit passengers.

Full Autonomous

PRM can have their full freedom and ease during their travels. Access any areas of the airport they desire while not worrying about their journey.

Our autonomous feature enables that.

Stackable Design

In addition to all the smart features DAAV-air provides, it is designed for easy storage and charging at the airport.

The stackable design makes it possible to store many units in a small area.

Stored, yet ready to go!

DAAV_air_Stackable Design.png


A different approach, using a new robotic technology.

Our solution offers ultimate maneuverability and reliability; a must for busy and complex layouts such as airports.

It is tailor-made for airports to exactly address their needs. This is the most innovative solution for PRM services, which not only does enhance the quality of services, but also it makes it easier for staff to provide the service.



We have been supported by many generous organisations in Switzerland, including FONGIT, EPFL Startup Unit, EPFL VPI, VentureKick, InnoVaud, SPEI, and Entrepreneurship Organisation.

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Entrepreneurship organization DAAV Champion


You can help? Send us your CV!

We hire continuously! 

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